Digital Marketing Crash Course


This training will help you generate higher conversions throughout the entire digital marketing lifecycle - from converting more Internet browsers into website visitors, visitors into leads, leads into customers and customers into promoters - in proven and actionable ways.

Here's what you'll learn

Generate traffic

Create a customer persona, keyword research, and a message map.

Visitors to leads

Use lead magnets and other strategies to grow your email list.

Leads to customers

Learn how to nurture leads through email and increase website conversions through optimization.

Customer loyalty

Learn how to increase customer lifetime value and measure the right metrics.

 Increase Your Website Traffic

Generating awareness and attracting your target audience is the first stage in digital marketing. By using a mix of acquisition channels, you’ll attract, then convert Internet browsers into website visitors.

Areas covered:

  • Identify ideal customer
  • Three types of acquisition channels
  • Keyword research

Increase Your Lead Generation

Converting visitors into leads is essential to growing your business. In this section, you’ll not only learn about the tools and techniques for capturing leads, you’ll also learn how to create compelling calls-to-action and thank you pages.

Areas covered:

  • Email capture tools
  • Lead Magnets and Content Upgrades 
  • Creating Multiple Conversion Opportunities

Convert Leads into Customers

Boosting conversions from leads to sales is one part science, and another part art. In this stage we’ll give you helpful tips and actionable techniques for nurturing your leads and converting them into customers using effective pricing strategies, sales pages, and high-converting checkout pages.

Areas covered:

  • Conversion research
  • How to A/B test 
  • Structuring an email campaign

Customer Loyalty + Pop Quiz

Delighting your customers through their on-boarding and post-sales experience is a crucial stage in your long-term success. Learn key retention and value-enhancement practices to wow your customers, turning them not only into repeat buyers, but promoters who recommend your brand, and what you offer to others.

Areas covered:

  • How to increase customer loyalty
  • How to measure the right metrics
  • A fun quiz to see what you've learned!

Are you ready to start the journey to digital marketing mastery?

Who's teaching this course?


Head of Growth and Optimization at Conversion Surge

Carlos is a Conversion Marketer and public speaker with international business experience in the following countries: Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Canada, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Russia, Indonesia, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.  

Carlos excels at helping online businesses optimize their website and grow their business by identifying what stage in the conversion lifecycle needs help. 

Community Testimonials

"Carlos of Conversion Surge is an EXCELLENT person to boost your marketing efforts and sales. In fact, he helped me to increase course sales by 180% in 2016!"

Gina Horkey - Founder, Horkey HandBook

"Carlos of Conversion Surge is the man! He’s a true strategic partner, listens, and delivers “above and beyond” service

Laurel Roach - CEO, TriFIT Wellness

"I simply handed over the Customer Value Optimization (CVO) blueprint and Carlos ran with it. Within weeks, we had the entire CVO process up and running.  

Further to that, Carlos created some kick-ass landing pages that converted really well. At the moment, our primary lead magnet landing page is converting at over 44% with nearly 3k opt-ins!  

Carlos definitely left a positive impact on my business and I’d heartily recommend him to anyone looking to scale their online business. " 

Marc-Andre Seguin - JazzGuitarLessons.NET